GHRP-6 – Is it HGH?

GHRP-6 is among the various helpful peptides. Its full form is Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide or Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide.  Accurately speaking, it is a hexa-peptide and hence GHRP is suffixed with the number 6. GHRP-6, as the name suggests deals with releasing hormones meant to cause growth. Due to it’s name, it regularly gets confused with HGH.  However, GHRP-6 belongs to the 28th amino acid peptide series. As a secretagogue, its major function is to send signals to the pituitary gland that resides in the brain. GHRP-6 instructs the gland to start releasing growth hormone (HGH) so it may be considered a HGH precursor, similar to how an anabolic precursor is not a steroid, but when ingested tells the body to produce more testosterone. It basically acts as a trigger for the growth process to begin. Other compounds like GHRP-2, ipamorelin and hexarelin provide similar sort of functionality as GHRP-6.

GHRP-6 is not a natural hormone, rather it is synthetically made. It contains D-amino acids that are unnatural in nature. These amino acids are included as they promote the release of Growth Hormone. The Molecular formula of GHRP-6 is C46H56N12O6. Its molecular weight comes up to 873.01 and 87616 is the CAS registry number associated with it. Chemically, GHRP-6 varies greatly from the normal GHRH. Though both of them release Growth promoting hormones, the way they do it is entirely different from each other.  GHRP-6 is comparatively a recently developed compound. Though its use in many different areas is well established, complete research about its properties and benefits is still to be accomplished. This in no way means that we cannot take advantage of the benefits this compound renders. The fact that growth related functionalities can be controlled by it makes it a very useful substance for different purposes.

GHRP-6 is generally meant to be injected when signals pertaining to growth hormone secretion need to be sent. In most cases it is introduced into the patient’s body when it is required that the growth hormone levels go up significantly. This in turn helps the patient to lose fat. In some cases it is also observed that muscle gain also happens. Though the GHRP series do somewhat similar work, GHRP-6 does a fine job when appetite has to be increased and inflammations have to be taken care of. This makes it an apt solution when injuries like tendinitis needs to be handled well.

Unlike treatments that involve other GHRPs, GHRP-6 treatment doesn’t need any kind of cycle to be followed. As and when the patient requires a boost in the growth hormone secretion process, GHRP-6 is given. This adds on a lot of flexibility. However, it is often recommended that the dosage is kept minimal when this compound is taken for long periods of time. For shorter courses of medication involving GHRP-6, the dosage restrictions are less. Nevertheless, it should never be consumed in overdose; otherwise, the side effects can be detrimental and unpredictable.  Also, since GHRP-6 has powerful effects on the body, and it deals directly with the hormonal processes, it is always recommended that you take the suggestion of your doctor or a health expert before you start using GHRP-6 on your own. This is especially important when you are determining the dosage of consumption. While very low dosages can render ineffective results, high dosages can be dangerous to your health.

When it comes to method of injecting GHRP-6 into the body, the dosage usually is not more than 100mcg. The vials need to be stored in the fridge to retain the freshness of the compound and help it from going bad. At times, it is mixed with water while storing. An appropriate proportion is determined while doing so. According to the dosage that is required, the compound solution is drawn from the vial and injected into the patient’s body. The dosage of GHRP-6 will vary as per the patient’s requirements as well. For example, lower dosage will suffice the injury healing process, while slightly higher dosage is required of body building.

What does GHRP-6 do?

Since GHRP-6 aids the growth hormone secretion process significantly. It is used for multiple problems related to injuries and cell renewal. It can also be used for growth and development of new tissues.

Here is a list of things GHRP-6 can do,

The best known and popular use of GHRP-6 is in body building. As the compound aids in muscle growth and cell generation, many body builders, models, celebrities and sportsmen resort to it to build stronger and well-grown muscles. If correct dosage is fixed and if this peptide is used intelligently, one can definitely see good results pertaining to body building in a very short span. Many people also find that, when this is combined with their normal workout and growth steroids, the results are much better.

Since this compound is great at keeping up the metabolism rate, it finds its place in fat loss and in turn weight loss too. If this can be combined with the right kind of aerobic exercise and low-fat diet, one can really achieve wonders in terms of lowering body’s fat percentage. This is especially useful for patients who are obese and suffer from hormonal imbalances which don’t allow them to lose weight. However, if you already have hormonal imbalances it is highly recommended that you see a doctor before you start the GHRP-6 dosage on regular basis.

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Due to the cell renewal qualities GHRP-6 can render, it is used on patients who are recovering from injuries. The compound is effective on head injuries too. The recovery process can be substantially reduced in time just by including small dosages of GHRP-6 into the regular treatment.

For people struggling with anorexia, bulimia, loss of appetite, and weakness, GHRP-6 can do wonders. It boosts up the appetite since growth requires that you eat. So, the patients automatically reach out for food and if the right kind of food is taken, the overall effect will be commendable. It also increases the strength of the body. The bones receive nourishment and the muscles become stronger. This in turn aids in better physical condition. Having said so, it cannot be emphasized enough that the compound should be taken only with suitable guidance.