How Can Kalish Method Of Functional Medicine Overcome Hormonal Disorder In Humans?

As we know the hormones convey a message to other parts of the body, the brain cell, east to the glands and these cells. This is a process that is repeated at every moment of our lives. It is a very complex mechanism of hundreds of interactions in which hormones perform many functions, working as a team.

When we feel a significant drop in energy or have an annoying feeling tired there in parallel a hormonal reason is closely related to these processes, but each problem is unique and different for each person.

The main control box of our endocrine computer is played by the three hormones: Testosterone, Progesterone and Estrogen also three insulin, cortisol and thyroid hormone. These are the main hormones that work coordinately and any malfunction in one of them will interfere with the rest. When this happens anywhere in our body you will get a surplus or a lack of necessary information causing a problem.

Male Hormone Imbalances

Normally with age, man suffers a natural decrease in testosterone, parallel to this natural process in the West it has been observed a greater decrease caused by other causes. Keep in mind that this hormone is considered to be the one that gives strength to man, gives strength, it gives stimulating capability helps maintain muscle mass, bone consistency against loss. Low testosterone levels are associated with depression, heart attacks, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer.

What is going to start the lifestyle of many men and women it is affecting your hormonal balance essentially three factors:



Unhealthy living habits.

What factors cause the decline of testosterone in men?

A large waist circumference, is the main problem for low testosterone levels, particularly erectile and libido, osteoporosis, sleep problems, depression, low metabolism and decrease in general physical condition of the person. According to these studies, men with better health without the mentioned symptoms have elevated testosterone levels.

A high weight also increases the drop in testosterone. According to studies conducted for more than 17 years in more than 1,600 men in the United States, an increase of BMI in men than 4 or 5 points it is comparable to an aging 10 years in term of testosterone levels.

Erectile dysfunction in men can be resolved with weight loss, instead of medication, according to a study with more than 400 men. Smoking and poor physical condition also increase the problem.


As stated earlier hormones work in coordination, and chronic stress due to personal circumstances and I say this from experience involves high levels of cortisol, especially if there is a poor diet. This leads to a chain of reactions that end up resulting in very low testosterone levels and virility reducing levels lower than normal.

The human body uses the same “brick” to make cortisol and testosterone; in a healthy state both hormones are balanced. Under stress these bricks are used mostly for making cortisol thus falls testosterone production.

High cortisol amounts also result in higher abdominal fat, containing an enzyme called aromatase, which induces testosterone become estrogen, again reducing the testosterone level. Very high levels of estrogen in turn lead to a further increase in weight and feeding back the process described above, causing new weight gain, breast enlargement, and other symptoms.

These are a few of the side effects that occur at the hormonal level, but we said that having thousands of interactions can only talk about the main, although guess many more.


Avoid a sedentary lifestyle, do exercise in moderation.

Improve your eating habits, avoid sugar and refined flour, not abuse of saturated animal fats

Avoid stimulants such as caffeine; you should increase instead your consumption of healthy and organic foods including meat and blue fish and fruits and vegetables especially little cooked or raw.

Reduce your weight it is essential to avoid hormonal disorders.

Try to change your way of life, you must understand that there is nothing more worthwhile to have health and therefore your philosophy of life must impose control your stress, devoting more time to leisure and nature, especially activities outdoor oxygenating and relax you. No change time for money, time is tight, almost always more than money.